Business Credentials and History

Began in the industry: 1990/2008

Foothills Construction is owned and operated by Jerry and Jason Werre.  The primary business, MFB Construction Limited Partnership, is located in Anchorage, Alaska.  This partnership was developed from Jerry’s long standing sole proprietorship in the spring of 2008.  In the fall of 2009 Jason moved, expanding the business to Boise, Idaho.  The business was filed as a foreign entity under the DBA Foothills Construction in December, 2010.  Licensure and insurance are maintained in both states.  The future plan is to close business in Alaska and focus all attention in the Boise area as Jerry moves closer to retirement.
MFB Construction Limited Partnership
- Alaska Entity#- 115622
- Alaska Contractor License#- 35146
- Alaska Residential Builder Endorsement#- 2059
Foothills Construction
- Idaho File#- L6500
- Idaho Contractor License#- RCE-31492